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SCMI CNC Machining Center Pratix 48 NST, SCMI Pratix 48 NST CNC Machining Center


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SCMI Pratix 48 NST CNC Machining Center

Machine: Machine Center - CNC Router
Brand: SCMI
Model Number: Pratix 48 NST

  • (1) 10 HP 9,000 to 18,000 RPM Electrospindle with HSK 63 tool coupling
  • (8) Position automatic rotary tool changer with (8) HSK 63 tool holders
  • 3 HP Motor for drilling unit; (5) vertical drills in X-axis; (2) horizontal drills in X-axis; (2) horizontal drills in Y-axis
  • (1) 49" X 106" Stationary aluminum table; X-axis travel - 116"; Y-axis travel - 68"; Z-axis travel - 13"; maximum panel clearance - 2.95"
  • Vectorial speed (X/Y axis) - 2,600 IPM; Z-axis speed - 985 IPM
  • (2) 9 HP Vacuum pumps
  • Closed loop AC Servo drive system driving precision ground ball screws
  • "PC" Windows based operating system: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, 3-1/2" disk drive, (2) serial ports, (1) parallel port, and (2) USB ports; pop-up pins on table perimeter
  • Includes: "Alphacam" version 7.5 with key (consult software manufacturer concerning any transfer of ownership rights or fees)
  • Includes: transformer for either 230 or 460 volt operation
  • Safety caging around machine perimeter

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Manufacturer Machine Model Machine Type Stock Number
Pratix 48 NST
CNC Router

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