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Holz Her Unimaster 7226M Matrix CNC Machining Center


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Holz Her Unimaster 7226 M Matrix CNC Machine Center

Machine: Machine Center
Brand: Holz Her
Model Number: Unimaster 7226 M Matrix
Year of Manufacturer: 2007

  • Moving Gantry Machine with 1600mm x 3420mm (63” x 134-5/8”) precision machined Bakelite (laminated plastic) flat table with (2) vacuum zones so can be operated like a twin table
  • X Axis travel = 3378mm (133”) Y axis travel = 1626mm (64”), Z axis stroke = 325mm (12-3/4”); Boring capacity for X axis is 2591mm (102”), for y axis is 1181mm (46-1/2”). Maximum programmable speed is 2700 inches per minute for X and Y axis; 1080 for Z axis. X axis travel on high precision prismatic guides and ground helical rack, Y and Z axis travel via hardened ball screw
  • 12 HP Fully programmable Liquid Cooled cartridge type router spindle with ceramic bearings – HSK-63 type ATC; variable speed from 1000 - 20,000 RPM, RH and LH programmable rotation, pneumatic stroke is on a prismatic linear guide for maximum strength and precision. The spindle is served by a 12-position revolving-ride along tool changer installed on the Z-axis board, it can perform the tool changes even during boring operations
  • (18) Independent vertical spindles at 32 mm center distance, (12) of which are placed along X axis and (7) along Y axis, Maximum tool diameter is 35mm, maximum spindle stroke is 70mm
  • (3) units for horizontal opposed boring, (2) of which are placed along X axis and (1) along Y axis to perform horizontal drilling on the 4-panel sides. 2.3 hp inverter driven motor, spindle rotation speed 4000 rpm
  • (1) 2 HP Grooving Saw, 12000 RPM, 120mm diameter sawblade capacity
  • Prewired for 360° C Axis
  • Holz Her META Conversion System
  • Work area with (6) panel supports, (12) adjustable vacuum pods (2 pods per support), laser positioning system for quick positioning of pods and with value input from the controller according to part size and machining required
  • (2) Independent working areas with double boring stop unit with (12) pneumatic pin stops, (4) adjustable side pin stops, (6) pin stops located in the rear of the machine and (6) pin stops located in the front of the machine. Stops can be fitted with quick fit mushroom clamps for clamping of small or awkward shaped parts
  • Emergency stop rope and pressure sensitive safety mats that will instantly place machine in “pause cycle” when stepped on
  • (2) Bekker 250 c/meter Vacuum Pumps HP, type in self contained cabinet
  • TwinCAM 32 user software with graphical user interface – Features a Personal computer control with 15” screen, (1) diskette drive, (1) CD-ROM drive, PC-compatible US keyboard and mouse, barcode reader, Windows operating system
  • Alpha CAM Advanced

FOB Pacific, MO

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Unimaster 7226 M Matrix
CNC Router

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