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Omnitech Selexx Pal CNC Router


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Omnitech Selexx Pal CNC Router

Machine: CNC Router
Brand: Omnitech
Model Number:Selexx Pal
Year of Manufacture: 2004

  • Ominitech Selexx Pal CNC Router; Moving Gantry Machine with 60" x 120" fixed working table, (1) vacuum zone; 169" (4250mm) x 189"( 4800mm) footprint
  • Y Axis travel = 125", X axis travel = 72-1/4", Z axis travel = 9-3/4"
  • 10 HP Router spindle - HSK-63F type Tool Holders; variable speed from 1000 - 24,000 RPM
  • (8) Position Ride-Along Automatic Tool Changer (HSK-63F type)
  • 2 HP (9) Spindle vertical drill head, (5) in X axis and (5) in Y axis, 10mm shanks
  • Closed loop brushless AC Servo drive system with precision ground ball screws on Y and Z axis, dual rack and pinion on long X axis; all axes ride on linear profiled precision guide ways
  • Siemens controller with network compatible Windows PC based front-end, color monitor, keyboard, mouse, full function hand held pendant, absolute and incremental programming, cutter and tool length compensation, feed rate and spindle speed override, inch/metric operation and linear/circular and helical interpolation. Open architecture runs most M and G code, runs most CAD/CAM software
  • Comes with Becker Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - 25 HP (18.5 KW): Type: VILF 500, No: 1083077

FOB Pacific, MO

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Selexx Pal
CNC Router

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