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CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-b.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-c.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-d.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-e.JPG
CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-j.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-j1.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-j2.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-k.JPG
CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-l.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-m.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-n.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-o.JPG
CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-s.JPG CNC-Router-CNC-Router-Pictures150\110\Multicam-Pro-Series-5x10-t.JPG    
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Multicam Pro Series 5 x 10

Machine: CNC Router
Brand: Multicam
Model Number: Pro Series 5 x 10
Year of Manufacture: 2000

  • Multicam Pro Series CNC Router
  • Moving Gantry 60" x 120" Table Size
  • 10 HP Colombo Spindle Motor; 24,000 RPM
  • 8-Position Automatic Rotary Tool Changer, ER-32 Type
  • 12" Z-Axis Travel
  • (4) Zone Vacuum Table
  • PC Based and Handheld Controls
  • 10 HP Kaeser Vacuum Pump
  • Voltage: 230 Volt, 3 Phase

FOB Pacific, MO

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Manufacturer Machine Model Machine Type Stock Number
Pro Series 5 x 10
CNC Router

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