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Komo Innova 510 CNC Router

Machine: CNC Router
Brand: Komo
Model Number: Innova 510
Year of Manufacture: 1999

  • Komo Innova 510 CNC Router
  • 5' x 10' Cast aluminum vacuum table with Single zone vacuum configuration
  • 12 HP Spindle with ISO-30 adapter, spindle programmable from 9000 to 18,000 RPM
  • 8-Station automatic tag-along tool changer
  • (11) Spindle drill block consisting of 7 vertical spindles and 4 horizontal spindles
  • 6" Z Clearance under the bridge, 7" programmable Z
  • Fanuc Controller
  • Includes new Dell Optiplex 790 front end with Windows 7, ethernet networking capability and USB
  • 6595 Hours on meter
  • Sullair 25 HP, rotary screw vacuum system, 18,731 hours on the vacuum

FOB Pacific, MO

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Manufacturer Machine Model Machine Type Stock Number
Innova 510
CNC Router

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