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CR Onsrud 5 Axis Router

CR Onsrud 5 Axis CNC Router


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CR Onsrud F98E24 5 Axis CNC Router

Machine: CNC Router
Brand: CR Onsrud
Model Number:F98E24
Year of Manufacture: 2015

  • 2015 CR Onsrud F98E24 (5) Axis CNC Router
  • 5 x 8 Work area: Twin 4 x 5 Aluminum Plate Tables; Twin Aluminum Tables function as independent tables or can also operate in tandem as a single table, with full table coverage. All tables include pressure sensitive safety-stop / emergency-stop bars along the front & rear, & machine is surrounded by a 360 degree emergency-stop cable
  • (12) Tool - Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer, with Additional 12 Tool - Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer Upgrade
  • 41-inches of Z stroke - Increases 5-Axis Frame under bridge clearance & Z-stroke 41 inches
  • 5-Axis - 24 HP Spindle - 4-Pole, 18Kw; 24,000 RPM Double-Armature, 5-Axis Long Nose Spindle w/ HSK-63F Spindle Taper, fully programmable & reversible, variable speed, quick-change spindle, capable of routing & drilling, programmable feed rates w/override capability. A-Axis Rotation +/- 120 degrees, C-Axis Rotation + 300 / - 115 degrees
  • Chiller for Liquid Cooled Spindle Option - Adds a liquid cooling system & chiller in place of the standard fan & compressed air spindle cooling system. (Recommended when machining mostly non-ferrous metals or when using 20HP spindles or larger)
  • Automatic Oil Mist Lubricator - Produces a continuous output of metered lubricants. Air-driven, positive-displacement pumps meter each drop of lubricant. Can manually adjust output flow. Combines lubricant and air in the Co-Axial Nozzle to keep atomization and distribution of the liquid consistent
  • Vector Inverter - for spindle positioning with HSK-63A tool holders and/or rigid tapping capability. Gives spindles with rotational encoder capability to receive orientation commands
  • Automatic Grease Lubrication System - replaces machine’s standard centralized grease lubrication on standard machines
  • OSAI PC Front Series 10/510i System
  • Safety Enclosure with Bellows Top for F98HD
  • Air Conditioned Electronics Cabinets
  • 20kVA Isolation Transformer

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