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CR Onsrud 97M12

CR Onsrud 97M12 CNC Router


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CR Onsrud 97M12 CNC Router

Machine: CNC Router
Brand: CR Onsrud
Model Number:97M12
Year of Manufacture: 2011

  • C.R Onsrud 97M12 “Mate Series” CNC Router
  • 97”X49” Onsrud / NEMI Phenolic Grid Vacuum Table, with full table coverage. Pneumatic Controlled Vacuum Table Switch – (One for each table or zone). Controlled via convenient machine-mounted pull switches on the machine
  • 12HP, 9 kw, 4 pole – 24,000 RPM fully programmable, variable speed, reversible, quick-change cartridge style spindle, with air blast, HSK 63F spindle
  • 8 Tool – Fixed Rack Style Tool Changer – Rack style tool changer quickly changes between 8 different tools
  • 2000 IPM rapid traverse speed
  • 10”under the bridge clearance, 9” Z axis stroke
  • Precision ball screw drive for Z axis. Case-hardened, oversized, precision ground, helical rack & pinion drives for X & Y axis. Precision linear profile guide ways for all axes
  • Dual drive system
  • 12’ x 6’ footprint
  • 20HP Travaini Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - 300 CFM System @ 28”/hg
  • 15kva Isolation Transformer - strongly recommended for up to 12 HP models as an electrical noise filter. 6-tap, non-compensating transformer can be specified for your voltage in/machine voltage out Automatic Oil Fog Mist Lubricator – Sprays a fine oil mist on the tip of the bit, for cooling purposes
  • Raster Ball Option
  • 907 hours on the vacuum pump

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