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DMS CNC Router

5 Axis CNC Router DMS T-5, DMS T-5 5 Axis Used CNC Routers


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DMS 5 Axis CNC Routers, T-5

Machine: CNC Router
Brand: DMS
Model Number: T-5
Year of Manufacture: 2007

  • 5 Axis Fixed Bridge CNC Router with 5' x 10' Table
  • 16 HP Spindle Motor, Variable Speed from 800-18000 RPM
  • 60" Bridge Span with 48" Z Axis travel
  • (12) Station Servo Driven Traveling Carousel
  • Automatic Tool Length Sensor
  • Bridge uses a 50/40 spinning ball nut design; Z Axis equipped with a 40/20 Lead Screw with Angular Contact End Bearings; B & C Axis equipped with a Cyclodial 150:1 Gear Head
  • Bit Cooling - Compressed Air Mister to spindle, M-Code operated
  • Automatic Lubrication to Way and Ball Nut Bearings
  • Polymer filled base frame
  • Cooltronic Air Condition System on Electrical Control Box
  • Fagor 8070 Control
  • 20 GB Hard Drive
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Fagor Digital AC Brushless Servo on all axes
  • (29) HSK-63 Tool Holders and collets

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