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Anver Vacum Lift System

Anver Vacum Lift System with Gorbel Jib Crane


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Anver Vacum Lift System with Gorbel Freestanding Jib Crane

Machine: Vacuum Lifting System
Brand: Anver - Gorbel
Model Number: Anver VTB-H2-M-HD - Gorbel 250

  • Anver Vacum Lift System with Gorbel Freestanding Jib Crane
  • Anver VTB-H2-M-HD
  • Vacuum Tube Lifter with Cross-arm Assembly and Four Vacuum Pads
  • Lifting & Handling up to 120 pounds
  • Anver Pump unit: Series VB, model VB7HV, S/N 102156
  • 4.8 HP (3.6 KW) 230/460 Volt motor
  • Tube: 2.5m (8'2") Long x 160mm (6.3") Diameter
  • Front mounted squeeze grip control
  • Panel Lifter Bar: (4) 3" x 12-1/2" Adjustable suction feet
  • 9' of 2" diameter vacuum supply hose

  • Gorbel 250 Freestanding Jib Crane
  • Rail: Overall Length = 194", Overall weight capacity 250 pounds
  • Mast 138" tall
  • 360 Top swivel
  • S/N G83232

FOB Pacific, MO

CNC Router - Anver Vacum Lift System with Gorbel Freestanding Jib Crane Specifications cnc router acrobat symbol

Manufacturer Machine Model Machine Type Stock Number
Anver VTB-H2-M-HD
Material Handling

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